Our desktop wallpapers are high quality photographs from locations all over the earth, submitted by our web site visitors and ourselves. To let you use these cool pictures as free desktop wallpaper (background pictures) or as backgrounds for communities like myspace.com, xanga, black planet, msn, we have placed them in our wallpaper photo gallery.

Use the links on the left to browse through the complete photo gallery or start with this wallpaper overview . The wallpapers are 24 bits true color in JPG format and are of course FREE to download.

At regular moments we will place new photographs which you can download as wallpaper pictures, so come back regularly to check out what's new.

NEW - 11 July 2007 - Launch of Animals.desktop-wallpaper-photo.com - download free wallpapers of animals!

NEW - 12 June 2007 - New redesigned website for travel.desktop-wallpaper-photo.com, offering remastered images to use as wallpapers in various screen resolutions.

NEW - 6 June 2006 - New FREE wallpaper added - Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

NEW - 17 May 2006
This website now supports Children's Charity, through the Jane and Tyo Foundation.