You can download the free background pictures by clicking on the small thumbnail photo or the wallpaper picture name, this will display the full photograph (slightly sized down) in your browser. From there you can download and save the background picture and set it as your computer desktop wallpaper.

Mt Everest Picture
Mt Everest, Himalaya, Nepal/Tibet
Okavango Swamp Picture
Okavango Swamp, Africa, Botswana
Maho Beach Picture
Maho Beach, St Martin, Netherlands Antilles
River Nile Picture
River Nile, Assuan, Egypt
River Marowijne Picture
River Marowijne, Border with French Guyana, Surinam
Table Mountain Picture
Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Brisbane River Picture
Brisbane River, Brisbane, Australia
Miami Skyline Picture
Miami Skyline, Miami, Florida, United States of America
Church Picture
Church, Palencia, Spain
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